Santorini has several beaches , each unique in it’s own way.Should you prefer a nice quiet black sand beach to relax ,enjoy a coffee, a brunch or even dinner ? Or you might preffer something more loud where you can go party and have some refreshing cocktails ? There’s a place for everyone !


Perivolos is with Perissa the longest black sand beach on the island. It is very well organised and one of the most crowdedbeach.

Things to do:
•Relax and enjoy on the sunloungers.
•Enjoy the music from the different beach bars for all the tastes.
•Become a kid again by experiencing different water sports from kite surfing to jetskis.


Kamari is a beach resort on the south east of Santorini. A stone-paved promenade for strolling that runs parallel to the beach.

Things to do:
•Dive into the unique underwater world of Santorini.
•Enjoy a movie at the islands unique open air cinema.
•Explore the ancient town of Thera.

Red Beach – Akrotiri

Beautiful beach, well known for the unique colour of the sand and the hill behind it. Soaring red lava cliffs which drop right to the sandy shore and into the clear blue sea, make for a majestic setting and one to enjoy.

Things to do:
•Enjoy fresh fruits on the beach from the local venders.
•Revive the prehistoric civilization of the Cyclades.


Cape Columbo

Cape Columbo beach is one of the most isolate and quiet beaches on Santorini. Surrounded by a wild landscape, Cape Columbo often gets windy.
In fact, it is the wind and the waves that have formated the wild rocks of Columbo.